Varma Electronics OY

Varma Electronics OY was established in 2004 to design and produce small series of electronic devices to fulfill the needs of the evolving market. Our expertise lies within its engineers and technicians who have vast experience of producing custom-designed electronic devices for the international market.

The company designs and produces completed devices according to the customer's requirements. These devices include: electronic boards, embedded software, control panels, indicators and enclosures.

We produce the prototypes and final products in our facilities in participation with our co-producers from Finland and other countries. 

We provide a complete set of design documentation for each product and support of international standards assurance tests.

As a result, we supply our customers with ready products for industrial automation, automation and control systems for maritime transport, controls and indicators for maritime simulators.

We have through years of work built solid long-term partnerships with a number of companies. Our highly qualified personnel, state-of-the-art technologies and our modern production techniques allow us to produce unique products with outstanding efficiency.